Working papers

Public School Choice: An Economic Analysis“, with Levon Barseghyan & Stephen Coate.

The Long-Run Effects of Attending an Elite School: Evidence from the UK“, with Emilia del Bono.

Published papers (click “CV” link for details of other writing)

“The Signaling Value of a High School Diploma”, with Paco Martorell.
Journal of Political Economy, 122(2) 282-318, April 2014. Earlier version (Princeton IRS Working Paper)

“The Effect of Education on Adult Mortality and Health: Evidence from Britain”, with Heather Royer.
Published: American Economic Review, 103(6), 2087-2120, October 2013. Earlier version (NBER Working Paper).

“The Impacts of Tougher Education Standards: Evidence from Florida”, with Edward See.
Published: Economics of Education Review, 30(6), 1123-1135, December 2011; PDF

“Do Recessions Keep Students in School? The Impact of Youth Unemployment on Enrolment in Post-Compulsory Education in England”
Published: Economica, 78 (311), 523-545, July 2011. PDF

“Selective Schools and Academic Achievement”
Published: B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 10: Iss. 1 (Advances), Article 9, 2010. PDF

“The Performance and Competitive Effects of School Autonomy”
Published: Journal of Political Economy, 117(4), 745-783, August 2009; PDF

“Reading, Writing, and the Rankings of Rich Nations: Education and the Age Profile of Literacy into Adulthood”, with Elizabeth Cascio and Nora Gordon.
Published: Journal of Economic Perspectives, 22(3), 47-70, Summer 2008. PDF, earlier version (NBER Working Paper)